Artist Profiles on Portfolio & Gallery platforms

Artist Profiles on Portfolio and Gallery platforms

I still have to scratch that itch about the ways contemporary/visual/fine artists can network professionally and also be found by (and interact with) collectors and the general public…my post reviewing the quantity profiles of artists on LinkedIn in various locations didn’t completely satisfy my curiosity. Soon I’ll be looking at representation on the more research-focussed … Continue reading I kind of <3 you right now

Looking at the source code on a page on the site and what’s this I see? ASCII art in the comments and a note that you’re hiring? It’s beautiful: I LOVE it.

Visualising the Ratios of LinkedIn Profiles by Industry for Locations: Anywhere, Australia, Western Australia

Visualising the Ratios of LinkedIn Profiles by Industry for Locations: Anywhere, Australia, Western Australia [infographic]

Having recorded the numbers and calculated percentages of LinkedIn profiles retrieved for each of the 147 industries in the LinkedIn Advanced Search feature in my post general overview of industries on LinkedIn, I’ve decided to visualise this information to explore the ratios of LinkedIn profiles retrieved for a given industry, in each of the 3 … Continue reading

Where are all the artists-feat

Where are all the artists…on LinkedIn?

Having looked at the general overview of industries on LinkedIn, I’ve decided to explore platforms allowing artists to connect and to build their profile with the public and other artists across a couple of posts – for this series of posts, I have restricted myself purely to Fine Arts, Visual Arts and Contemporary Arts. Where … Continue reading


Quick Overview: What industries are on LinkedIn? [August 2013]

I’ve been getting a bit curious about the industries on LinkedIn and the ratio of people within those industries. There is no easy way to get a summary of this information and LinkedIn’s own Advanced Search feature returns idiosycratic results, as I’ll explain below. What we do know: 2 new members join LinkedIn every second … Continue reading

LinkedIn- Competitors-Feat

Quick Overview of Professional Profile and People-In-Business Focused Networking Sites

If you are an Australian professional and looking to connect with other professionals, either nationally or internationally, it looks like LinkedIn is your best bet so far. LinkedIn: Global: 200,000,000 as at last LinkedIn announcement 9 January 2013, as at today’s date (26 August 2013) LinkedIn’s About Us page states “Welcome to LinkedIn, the world’s … Continue reading


Tip: When Using URLs in YouTube Descriptions…

It’s a simple little thing: always remember: when using a URL (e.g., make sure you put the http:// in front of it. Adding the http:// means the URL will be an actual link, instead of a dead piece of text e.g.: Top URL = dead text. Bottom URL = what we want to see. … Continue reading

Blue - Photo by Anthony Albright, Flickr

Facebook Global Pages: One ring to bring them all?

This is the second in a series of posts about Facebook’s Global Pages for Brands: Post #1 Facebook Global Pages: One ring to rule them all: gives an overview of the features global brand pages offer both businesses and users, as well as the benefit to some global brands in terms of diversifying risk/impeding access to … Continue reading


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