Quick Overview: What industries are on LinkedIn?

I’ve been getting a bit curious about the industries on LinkedIn and the ratio of people within those industries. There is no easy way to get a summary of this information and LinkedIn’s own Advanced Search feature returns idiosycratic results, as I’ll explain below. What we do know: 2 new members join LinkedIn every second … Continue reading

LinkedIn- Competitors-Feat

Quick Overview of Professional Profile and People-In-Business Focused Networking Sites

If you are an Australian professional and looking to connect with other professionals, either nationally or internationally, it looks like LinkedIn is your best bet so far. LinkedIn: Global: 200,000,000 as at last LinkedIn announcement 9 January 2013, as at today’s date (26 August 2013) LinkedIn’s About Us page states “Welcome to LinkedIn, the world’s … Continue reading


Tip: When Using URLs in YouTube Descriptions…

It’s a simple little thing: always remember: when using a URL (e.g., make sure you put the http:// in front of it. Adding the http:// means the URL will be an actual link, instead of a dead piece of text e.g.: Top URL = dead text. Bottom URL = what we want to see. … Continue reading

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Facebook Global Pages: One ring to bring them all?

This is the second in a series of posts about Facebook’s Global Pages for Brands: Post #1 Facebook Global Pages: One ring to rule them all: gives an overview of the features global brand pages offer both businesses and users, as well as the benefit to some global brands in terms of diversifying risk/impeding access to … Continue reading


Facebook Global Pages: One ring to rule them all

This is the first in a series of posts about Facebook’s Global Pages for Brands features. Post #2 Facebook Global Pages: One ring to bring them all: looks at key influencers in the decision to pursue  (or not pursue) the umbrella approach offered by Facebook’s global pages feature (if you are eligible). It also looks at alternative … Continue reading


Social Media Strategy, Policy and Tools – CCC Forum

Today I attended the WA Corruptional and Crime Commission’s Practicioner forum on social media: Social Media Strategy, Policy and Tools. I work in an Online Marketing Team for a large public education organisation and have a specific marketing focus, so it was nice to hear from other large public organisations who are grappling with the … Continue reading


Tips on studying for the Google Adwords Advertising Fundamentals Exam

I just sat my first Google Adwords Certification Exam (Advertising Fundamentals), so thought I would share my study method. I scored 97%, pretty pleased with that! You need 85% to pass this exam so it is quite demanding. Preparation: Google Resources: Updated 23/02/2013: Extensive review of the Google Learning Centre study notes and questions (I … Continue reading


How to tell if you’re doing well: Twitter

The thing with social media is that anyone can reserve real-estate for their brand or business on social platforms, but it actually takes workload and strategy to do effectively and to do well. When you pour a significant amount of time into properly resourcing channels, you do need to know that your efforts are provided … Continue reading


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