Inspire: Mansfield Park (1999)

Patricia Rozema’s 1999 version of Mansfield Park should be compulsory viewing – the colours, the camera work, the mise en scene and the deliberate sparseness that she approaches Jane Austen’s novel with are something to behold. This is 1806 for heaven’s sake, this is not the first time it has happened in the world, nor … Continue reading

Basics: There is more than one way to peel an orange

There's more than one way to peel an orange

© Nicole Paton | Dreamstime Stock Photos As a wet behind the ears creative SMB and online babe in the woods, I would suggest there is one more thing you probably need to have internalised before you start on the path of your great big online adventure. In addition to: understanding the importance in knowing … Continue reading

Basics: The tells

Basics: The tells

There are tiny little tells that give away what you are looking at when you view a website, much like there are signs on a poker player’s face indicating the hand they are playing. These tells can be very important in terms of you being able to communicate what it is you want/need from your … Continue reading

Basics: This is not a website

One of the worst phrases you can ever utter as a SMB who doesn’t have an online presence, but who wants one is: I need a website… Unless you have undertaken some analysis of your: core business activities core customer requirements from you, your  base requirements for an online presence, and your planned future actions … Continue reading

Basics: Know thyself and know thine targets

No business has ever: discovered themselves (as in the finding themselves sense, not the ‘gosh darn someone has already bought the domain (aka web address / URL)  or staked a claim to the online real-estate I was hoping for’ or the ‘oh wow, someone has written something good/bad about me’ senses), or identified their core … Continue reading

Lookbook: Mea culpa Ralph Lauren, mea culpa

Mea culpa Ralph Lauren, mea culpa

I dug out my 2008 collection of Harper’s Bazaar (Australia) to locate a picture of that amazing Calvin Klein belt I was talking about in Crimes against Flashion. It might seem hardcore, but the memory of it makes me want it to this day and I have never seen another leopard belt I have liked … Continue reading

Inspire: Mars (2010)

You could sum this post up in 4 little words, with one piece of punctuation as: Just go see it! I wasn’t a very good pilot, I wasn’t a very good engineer…but I’m a hero, natural born. – Charlie Brownsville Mars (2010) is a gorgeously wry and whimsical film by Geoff Marslett. The film is … Continue reading

Inspire: Alice in Wonderland by Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz did an amazing rendition of Alice in Wonderland for US Vogue in 2003. It featured Natalia Vodianova as Alice and the designers of the clothing she wore as characters from the book. Mere words can’t describe how much I love this: from the source material, the staging, the clothes, the expressions on Vodianova’s … Continue reading

Crimes against flashion

Silhouette of model on runnway with loading... written on her

Today I am going to start talking about a subject dear to my heart and my credit card, fashion. It is such a unique set of industries that intertwine in a symbotic relationship – some purely creative, so overwhelmingly commercial. And the online presence of the many areas of businesses which make up that spectrum … Continue reading

Lookbook: Turning a 2D Historical Photo into 3D

I am currently loving the way people are using Adobe After Effects to turn 2d images into 3d images, a la: It’s being used a bit in advertising where the designers are working with a static image or artwork and want do present something more than just a static image with no depth of field. … Continue reading