Lookbook: Mea culpa Ralph Lauren, mea culpa

Harper's Bazaar spread showing the spread in question

Harper's Bazaar Australia, 2008, SMS from the Autumn/Winter 2008-2009 Collections (p38)

I dug out my 2008 collection of Harper’s Bazaar (Australia) to locate a picture of that amazing Calvin Klein belt I was talking about in Crimes against Flashion. It might seem hardcore, but the memory of it makes me want it to this day and I have never seen another leopard belt I have liked quite as much. And I have looked, trust me I have looked.

Besides,  it was no chore given I was flicking through the mags while watching Artscape’s interview with Annie Leibovitz. Flicking through fashion mags while watching an arts program, I wouldn’t exactly call that a hard day after the office, would you?

All that was needed to complete utopia was a glass of SSB, alas I had to satisfy myself with peach iced tea. (Very nice peach iced tea if I may say so, but not exactly geared to meeting a craving for a good SSB…or even a cheap SSB!)

Can you tell I am trying to distract you from the fact that I am about to admit I made a bad? Yes I made a bad.

A big bad bad of the baddest of bad kind

It wasn’t Calvin’s beautiful rust coloured dress with the amazing leopard belt, he created the amazingly lush black ?micropleated? goddess gowns to the left. Which were also a favourite at the time, but they didn’t stay with me like the belt did.

It was Ralph Lauren’s gorgeous rust coloured ?velvet? cowl neck dress with the deluxe leopard belt that has haunted me for 4 years. That’s a bit of an ooops of the oopsiest kind.

Oh Ralph, what can I say to apologise?? In my defence, knowing the aesthetic and technique of a designer in granular detail and being able to detect the spirit of a specific season, for a specific year, is not my area of expertise. I’m a lover not a fashion journalist.

To be fair, it was 4 years ago, I am still commited and unrequited to this day and no other belt will do…but still mea culpa 😦

Larger image of Harper's spread.

The perfect belt, as difficult to find as the perfect man

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