Inspire: Photographs by Richard Powers

I am an absolute sucker for interior and architecture photography. I am sure that within those two broad terms there are an infintessimal amount of different genres and fusions and types and techniques, but I am a consumer, not a creator.

And in terms of type of exterior photographs that  I love to consume, the ones that make me buy the coffee table book and gaze wistfully into the coated matt pages, pretty much any exterior by Richard Powers will do it.

Richard Powers Photograph

Seriously, you had me at large pool of water, immense book cases, bifold doors and beautiful reflection

For my palate, his photographs are clean, crisp and organic. They capture minimal sparseness without making it cold, there is an understated warmth and naturalness to even the most hard and modern space.

Richard Powers exterior photograph

Twilight, lit house and are those silhouettes of gumtrees in the background? It's the trifecta of awesome.

They juxtapose texture and detail, light and shade, modern structure with wilderness so beautifully…and I currently have several books featuring his photography wishlisted on amazon.
I am a dreamer, and his photographs inspire me to to dream and to think about clean lines and crispness.

Go to his website, check out his work:


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