Etsy: infographic

I’ve gone through available compete data and etsy weather reports to summarise some of the key points you need to know about etsy. I have also collated stats on competitors identified by etsybitch so you can get a feel for the landscape for these types of ecommerce options.

There are anomalies – there is no data for some months in the compete records for competitors and the weather reports published by etsy appear to be missing a couple of months, but this is a good aggregation of points.

Still, aggregation or not, there is no substitute for doing your own research – this infographic is intended as an brief overview, the onus is on you as the SMB to evaluate whether the terms, condition, facilities and opportunities offered by etsy are appropriate for your business.

Bit too small? Hot tip [added thanks to Lisa @]: click on the infographic and then (if needed) use the zoom in your browser to see details

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Where to next?

For you: If you are considering listing in social commerce marketplace, it’s worth checking out the seller experience (as well as the user experience), some reviews I have found include:

For me: Being as I am proudly Australian, I’d like to do an infographic on the local option but I probably won’t do that for another couple of months. “yay” for another excuse to spend time playing in photoshop, cough, I mean creating the buttons and badges and other graphic elements 😉

Interested in how I made this?

I have posted a How to: What I used to make the etsy infographic on the fonts and textures used as well as the photoshop tutorials I read/watched to teach myself how to make some of these element.

4 Responses to “Etsy: infographic”
  1. lisa says:

    very nicely done….etsy does win hands down…I would love to post this on my site with your permission…I would give credit and a link to your site….

    only thing I would add is that I couldn’t read it as it is and it took me (I’m not at as computer savvy as you) a minute to realize that if I clicked on the picture it would enlarge….so you might add that clicking on the picture would enlarge it …

  2. Jeremy Pion says:

    Fine articles about ellipticalpointofview ar rare. I’m glad I just located an awesome resource. Have a pleasant time

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  1. […] thought I would post on the resources and tutorials that helped me achieve the effects I used in my first infographic on etsy (which was also my first infographic […]

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