Tip: When Using URLs in YouTube Descriptions…

YouTube-URL-in-Description-FeatureIt’s a simple little thing: always remember: when using a URL (e.g. http://www.ellipticalpointofview.com), make sure you put the http:// in front of it.

Adding the http:// means the URL will be an actual link, instead of a dead piece of text e.g.:


Screen shot of YouTube video descriptions – two URLs, one without the http:// and one with (Screen shot 19 August 2013)

Top URL = dead text. Bottom URL = what we want to see.

If you add the http:// the link will have roll over interactivity: active state = grey, if you rollover the description box = blue, if you rollover the link = blue with text underline.

If you are including URLs in your descriptions, then clearly you’re hoping that people who are really keen will go to the URL for more information. So why build extra effort into that navigation CTA by requiring them to copy and paste the URL into a browser? Why not just add the http:// so that they can click on it…et voila: they are where you want them to be!

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