Artists Online: Miik Green as a Case Study [Presentation]

Artists Online: Miik Green As Case Study

Artists Online: Miik Green As Case Study

aka What happens when an Artist/Researcher and Social/Digital Marketing Analyst start talking about artists’ digital & social media presences?

Presentation for Art Talks – Studio Night, Thursday 3 September, held at Miik Green’s Studio in Perth, Western Australia.

Provides an overview of Miik’s online presences, specifically his social media presences and discuss the delineations between them and Miik’s different, yet interlinked, identities as: Artist, Researcher , etc. Explores the rationale for the delineations, the ongoing process of navigating and negotiating them, learnings along the way, and identifying areas of opportunity for both Miik and other artists. Provides some practical and thought provoking takeaways for both artists (and their representatives) in terms of developing their profile as an artist through social media presences.




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