LinkedIn Advanced – The Next 8 Weeks [Worksheet]

LinkedIn Advanced - The Next 8 Weeks [Worksheet] The set of weekly exercises in this Advanced worksheet follows on from the LinkedIn in 8 Weeks worksheet and builds on the foundation you set up as you completed the introductory worksheet. This Advanced worksheet focuses on improving your profile, helping you capitalise on sections you can add to your profile, additional features you can take advantage of (inboxing, long-form posts, LinkedIn Pulse and more) as well as encouraging you to evaluate outputs from your professional activities and consider how you could use them in your LinkedIn profile.

This Advanced worksheet will take you through 8 sets of weekly exercises. Each set of weekly exercises should take 30 minutes to complete.
Week 1 – Improving your Profile Strength, Claiming your Public Profile URL
Week 2 – Optimising Your Profile, Being a Good LinkedIn Citizen and Thinking About “Collateral”
Week 3 – Enrich your profile: adding Publications, Projects and Volunteer Positions
Week 4 – Enrich your profile: adding Certifications, Test Scores, Courses etc
Week 5 – Adding rich media
Week 6 – Other Profile sections to consider
Week 7 – Inboxing and Revisiting Your Contact Information
Week 8 – Posts and LinkedIn Pulse

Photo in header image: © Kurt | Dreamstime Stock Photos


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