Artists Online: Miik Green as a Case Study [Presentation]

Artists Online: Miik Green As Case Study

aka What happens when an Artist/Researcher and Social/Digital Marketing Analyst start talking about artists’ digital & social media presences? Presentation for Art Talks – Studio Night, Thursday 3 September, held at Miik Green’s Studio in Perth, Western Australia. Provides an overview of Miik’s online presences, specifically his social media presences and discuss the delineations between … Continue reading

Artist Profiles on Portfolio and Gallery platforms

Artist Profiles on Portfolio & Gallery platforms

I still have to scratch that itch about the ways contemporary/visual/fine artists can network professionally and also be found by (and interact with) collectors and the general public…my post reviewing the quantity profiles of artists on LinkedIn in various locations didn’t completely satisfy my curiosity. Soon I’ll be looking at representation on the more research-focussed … Continue reading

Where are all the artists…on LinkedIn?

Having looked at the general overview of industries on LinkedIn, I’ve decided to explore platforms allowing artists to connect and to build their profile with the public and other artists across a couple of posts – for this series of posts, I have restricted myself purely to Fine Arts, Visual Arts and Contemporary Arts. Where … Continue reading