Facebook Pages: How to benchmark if you are doing well, what to measure and why

Facebook pages: How to benchmark if you are doing well, what to measure and why

Benchmarking what you do on your Facebook channel will give you a general measure of success for what you are doing and identify any opportunities for improvement. It is a good way to to identify activities you can use to progress towards building an engaged Likebase (Likebase being the total amount of people who Like … Continue reading

Fashion: Get to my point

Fashion: Get to my point

I am beginning to think that websites of emerging fashion designers sites suffer from a confluence of 3 delusions/fallacies: That their website is their atelier and the front door and entrance to that virtual atelier is at a different location to where everyone else thinks it is That people are going to visit their website … Continue reading

Worried about being behind the 8-ball? You are in good company

Behind the 8ball? Don't worry you're not alone

On the plus side, if you are worrying about losing out on staking your claim to your perfect online brand territory/territories, you are in some good company. It isn’t always the little people (SMB’s) who are behind the 8-ball. Consider the cases of John Galliano, Balenciaga and a couple of their closest friends/competitors… It can … Continue reading

Lookbook: Mea culpa Ralph Lauren, mea culpa

Mea culpa Ralph Lauren, mea culpa

I dug out my 2008 collection of Harper’s Bazaar (Australia) to locate a picture of that amazing Calvin Klein belt I was talking about in Crimes against Flashion. It might seem hardcore, but the memory of it makes me want it to this day and I have never seen another leopard belt I have liked … Continue reading

Crimes against flashion

Silhouette of model on runnway with loading... written on her

Today I am going to start talking about a subject dear to my heart and my credit card, fashion. It is such a unique set of industries that intertwine in a symbotic relationship – some purely creative, so overwhelmingly commercial. And the online presence of the many areas of businesses which make up that spectrum … Continue reading