Facebook Pages: How to benchmark if you are doing well, what to measure and why

Facebook pages: How to benchmark if you are doing well, what to measure and why

Benchmarking what you do on your Facebook channel will give you a general measure of success for what you are doing and identify any opportunities for improvement. It is a good way to to identify activities you can use to progress towards building an engaged Likebase (Likebase being the total amount of people who Like … Continue reading

Basics: Avoidance is better than cure

Pack a Parachute

Assuming you agree that it is important for your business to: maintain your existing customer base test the waters and iron out any teething problems along the way with minimal risk to yourself reduce the level of risk you expose your business to until you are at a point when you have the resources to … Continue reading

Basics: There is more than one way to peel an orange

There's more than one way to peel an orange

© Nicole Paton | Dreamstime Stock Photos As a wet behind the ears creative SMB and online babe in the woods, I would suggest there is one more thing you probably need to have internalised before you start on the path of your great big online adventure. In addition to: understanding the importance in knowing … Continue reading