Social Media Strategy, Policy and Tools – CCC Forum

Today I attended the WA Corruptional and Crime Commission’s Practicioner forum on social media: Social Media Strategy, Policy and Tools. I work in an Online Marketing Team for a large public education organisation and have a specific marketing focus, so it was nice to hear from other large public organisations who are grappling with the … Continue reading

How to tell if you’re doing well: Twitter

The thing with social media is that anyone can reserve real-estate for their brand or business on social platforms, but it actually takes workload and strategy to do effectively and to do well. When you pour a significant amount of time into properly resourcing channels, you do need to know that your efforts are provided … Continue reading

Basics: Avoidance is better than cure

Pack a Parachute

Assuming you agree that it is important for your business to: maintain your existing customer base test the waters and iron out any teething problems along the way with minimal risk to yourself reduce the level of risk you expose your business to until you are at a point when you have the resources to … Continue reading

Basics: Know thyself and know thine targets

No business has ever: discovered themselves (as in the finding themselves sense, not the ‘gosh darn someone has already bought the domain (aka web address / URL)  or staked a claim to the online real-estate I was hoping for’ or the ‘oh wow, someone has written something good/bad about me’ senses), or identified their core … Continue reading

Basics: Anyone can do it does not mean everyone should do it

Ability to use an axe does not equal the ability to create fine furniture

Yes, anyone can create a basic website, set up a facebook page, create an app or set up a twitter account for you. Anyone: you, an employee, a contractor, a teenager you know or an agency/service provider. Anyone. Anyone…means even the village idiot But that doesn’t mean what they are doing is actually going to … Continue reading

Respect: Geoff Marslett

Before 8am today, I had no idea who Geoff Marslett was. The only reason I know know who he is, is I was trying to find quotes from a movie I saw at the Revelation Film Festival program launch on Wednesday. The film is called Mars, its director is Geoff Marslett. The film is awesome … Continue reading