LinkedIn in 8 Weeks [Worksheet]

Resource - LinkedIn In 8 Weeks Workshee

*** Worksheet updated 21 June 2017 ****

LinkedIn is a professional-focused social media platform where individuals can set up professional profiles, connect with peers and colleagues, enrich their profiles with additional media and content and post updates about their professional activities.


  • Companies are provided a company page, where current, former and future staff can see information and updates about the company
  • Groups can be set up by anyone, where members can read, post and comment on topics and information relevant to that group.

This training worksheet will take you through 8 sets of weekly exercises, designed to help you fill out the basics of your LinkedIn profile and to encourage you to explore the potential opportunities connecting with other professionals on LinkedIn provides and the opportunities groups, company pages and university pages provide.

Each set of weekly exercises should take 30 minutes to complete.

Week 1 – Filling out the basics of your LinkedIn profile and Searching
Week 2 – Adding more advanced information
Week 3 – Joining groups
Week 4 – Benchmarking your LinkedIn profile against your peers
Week 5 – Who’s looked at your LinkedIn profile and posting a status update
Week 6 – Following Companies and Universities
Week 7: Giving bouquets: recommendations and skill endorsements
Week 8 – Getting a bit more social, sharing content with the aim of interacting with people and getting to comment on your post(s)

On completion of these exercises, there will be a second advanced LinkedIn training worksheet, taking you through more advanced features available on LinkedIn, and via LinkedIn partners, as well as additional modules you can complete for your profile and the potential opportunities these offer.

Photo in Header Image: Jon Helgason | Dreamstime Stock Photos


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