LinkedIn Advanced – The Next 8 Weeks [Worksheet]

LinkedIn Advanced - The Next 8 Weeks [Worksheet]

The set of weekly exercises in this Advanced worksheet follows on from the LinkedIn in 8 Weeks worksheet and builds on the foundation you set up as you completed the introductory worksheet. This Advanced worksheet focuses on improving your profile, helping you capitalise on sections you can add to your profile, additional features you can … Continue reading

What to do with Rich Media on Your LinkedIn Profile [Flowchart]

What to do with Rich Media on your LinkedIn Profile [Flowchart]

A flowchart/decision tree to assist you make good decisions about including rich media, such as presentations, PDFs, images, videos or other content, on your LinkedIn Profile. Supporting document for LinkedIn Advanced – the next 8 weeks worksheet.

Finding Researchers on Twitter: Searching By Tweet (Content)

I’ve covered finding researchers by their Twitter Profile, Finding Researchers on Twitter: By Profile, so it’s time to look at finding tweets (and therefore people tweeting) by the content they share (tweet) and how to set up alerts for tweets. With the character limit on Twitter Bios, it’s likely that you will also find profiles to … Continue reading

Finding Researchers on Twitter: Searching By Profile (Bio)

I’ll be giving a presentation on Twitter (and researchers on social media in general) to a bunch of computer security researchers, this week. One of the things I’ll be discussing is how to find people (profiles) on Twitter. And not just any people, people who are either: Tweeting about areas you’re researching Researching in areas … Continue reading

Tip: When writing tweets

Tip: When writing tweets

I’m on a bit of a roll with the tips, so it’s time for one about Twitter. Unlike LinkedIn and Facebook, there are no additional fields added when you share a link on twitter. There is just you and 117 characters… Wait, did I write 117 characters, not 140 characters? Why yes.I.did… In post, I … Continue reading

Tip: When writing an activity update on LinkedIn

Tip: When writing an activity update on LinkedIn

Following on from my post about the limits on the additional fields displayed when you share a link in an activity update, Tip: When Including URLs In LinkedIn Status Updates, here’s one about the character limit for the LinkedIn activity update field and where it truncates… Character limit on field: The LinkedIn activity update field (equivalent … Continue reading

Quick Overview of Professional Profile and People-In-Business Focused Networking Sites

If you are an Australian professional and looking to connect with other professionals, either nationally or internationally, it looks like LinkedIn is your best bet so far. LinkedIn: Global: 200,000,000 as at last LinkedIn announcement 9 January 2013, as at today’s date (26 August 2013) LinkedIn’s About Us page states “Welcome to LinkedIn, the world’s … Continue reading

Tip: When Using URLs in YouTube Descriptions…

It’s a simple little thing: always remember: when using a URL (e.g., make sure you put the http:// in front of it. Adding the http:// means the URL will be an actual link, instead of a dead piece of text e.g.: Top URL = dead text. Bottom URL = what we want to see. … Continue reading