Artists Online: Miik Green as a Case Study [Presentation]

Artists Online: Miik Green As Case Study

aka What happens when an Artist/Researcher and Social/Digital Marketing Analyst start talking about artists’ digital & social media presences? Presentation for Art Talks – Studio Night, Thursday 3 September, held at Miik Green’s Studio in Perth, Western Australia. Provides an overview of Miik’s online presences, specifically his social media presences and discuss the delineations between … Continue reading

Tip: When writing a status update on Facebook

Tip: When writing an status update on Facebook

Following on from my post about the limits on the additional fields displayed when you share a link in a status update, Tip: When Sharing URLs on Facebook, here’s one about the character limit for the Facebook status update field and where it truncates… Character limit on field: The character limit of Facebook status updates … Continue reading

Facebook Global Pages: One ring to bring them all?

This is the second in a series of posts about Facebook’s Global Pages for Brands: Post #1 Facebook Global Pages: One ring to rule them all: gives an overview of the features global brand pages offer both businesses and users, as well as the benefit to some global brands in terms of diversifying risk/impeding access to … Continue reading

Facebook Global Pages: One ring to rule them all

This is the first in a series of posts about Facebook’s Global Pages for Brands features. Post #2 Facebook Global Pages: One ring to bring them all: looks at key influencers in the decision to pursue  (or not pursue) the umbrella approach offered by Facebook’s global pages feature (if you are eligible). It also looks at alternative … Continue reading

Don’t mess with the classics: a different purchase ecosystem for luxury brands?

Going back to the Financial Times summary of the Altagamma and McKinsey & Co report which highlighted that the social media channels of luxury brands don’t have direct influence on sales it’s time to consider the more “abstract” queries from my first response to the  Altagamma and McKinsey & Co study. Today I am looking at … Continue reading

Fashion: Online is the New Black

The Financial Times summarised an Altagamma and McKinsey study on the digital luxury experience in their article Internet channel: Digital use may have boosted sales by surprising amounts. The Altagamma and McKinsey study was a comprehensive scan looking at over 300 luxury brands, including those in the stables of LVMH, PPR and Richemont; as well … Continue reading

Facebook Pages: How to benchmark if you are doing well, what to measure and why

Facebook pages: How to benchmark if you are doing well, what to measure and why

Benchmarking what you do on your Facebook channel will give you a general measure of success for what you are doing and identify any opportunities for improvement. It is a good way to to identify activities you can use to progress towards building an engaged Likebase (Likebase being the total amount of people who Like … Continue reading

Staking your claim(s)

Staking your claims

I am very torn about this post. One the one hand, even if from the outside an online presence (in any format) seems like the shiniest and most beautiful jewellery box you have ever see, I want you to understand that anything can be a pandora’s box of timesuck and effort and there are elements … Continue reading

Worried about being behind the 8-ball? You are in good company

Behind the 8ball? Don't worry you're not alone

On the plus side, if you are worrying about losing out on staking your claim to your perfect online brand territory/territories, you are in some good company. It isn’t always the little people (SMB’s) who are behind the 8-ball. Consider the cases of John Galliano, Balenciaga and a couple of their closest friends/competitors… It can … Continue reading