How to: What I used to make the etsy infographic

I thought I would post on the resources and tutorials that helped me achieve the effects I used in my first infographic on etsy (which was also my first infographic ever!) Obviously what I brought to the infographic was passion, research, a whole weekend (barring time outs for dinners and to see the latest Harry … Continue reading

Etsy: infographic

I’ve gone through available compete data and etsy weather reports to summarise some of the key points you need to know about etsy. I have also collated stats on competitors identified by etsybitch so you can get a feel for the landscape for these types of ecommerce options. There are anomalies – there is no … Continue reading

Basics: This is not a website

One of the worst phrases you can ever utter as a SMB who doesn’t have an online presence, but who wants one is: I need a website… Unless you have undertaken some analysis of your: core business activities core customer requirements from you, your  base requirements for an online presence, and your planned future actions … Continue reading