LinkedIn Advanced – The Next 8 Weeks [Worksheet]

LinkedIn Advanced - The Next 8 Weeks [Worksheet]

The set of weekly exercises in this Advanced worksheet follows on from the LinkedIn in 8 Weeks worksheet and builds on the foundation you set up as you completed the introductory worksheet. This Advanced worksheet focuses on improving your profile, helping you capitalise on sections you can add to your profile, additional features you can … Continue reading

What to do with Rich Media on Your LinkedIn Profile [Flowchart]

What to do with Rich Media on your LinkedIn Profile [Flowchart]

A flowchart/decision tree to assist you make good decisions about including rich media, such as presentations, PDFs, images, videos or other content, on your LinkedIn Profile. Supporting document for LinkedIn Advanced – the next 8 weeks worksheet.

LinkedIn in 8 Weeks [Worksheet]

Resource - LinkedIn In 8 Weeks Workshee

*** Worksheet updated 21 June 2017 **** LinkedIn is a professional-focused social media platform where individuals can set up professional profiles, connect with peers and colleagues, enrich their profiles with additional media and content and post updates about their professional activities. Additionally: Companies are provided a company page, where current, former and future staff can … Continue reading

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket: Researchers on Twitter

I wanted to give some perspective to the amounts of profiles retrieved in my post on finding researchers by searching the bio on their Twitter Profile. If you run a similar search on LinkedIn, where you’re searching the profiles of LinkedIn members’, there are significant differences in the counts of profiles received (see table of … Continue reading

A Tale of 4 Researchers, a PhD Candidate and Me: If being found is important…consider where your profiles rank

A Tale of 4 Researchers, a PhD Candidate and Me: If being found is important...consider where your profiles rank

Given we’ve looked at the membership of popular professional, academic and researcher focused social platforms, it’s time to consider other factors that should come in to play when you prioritise what platforms to join. A crucial factor should be what platforms are likely to rank well in search results when people search for you. Basically: … Continue reading

Comparing Membership For LinkedIn, Viadeo & Tianji, Xing, and ResearchGate (April 2014)

Comparing Membership LinkedIn,Viadeo & Tianji, Xing, and ResearchGate

I’m gearing up to do some presentations in May, one will be an updated repeat of the co-presentation I did with ECU’s Research Librarian Getting found using social media to build your research profile, the second will be a an extension focusing on content: where you can share your work and activities. As a result, … Continue reading

Getting found using social media to build your research profile [Presentation]

Getting found using social media to build your research profile

Presentation title: Getting found using social media to build your research profile Presentation summary: Have you thought about your online profile? There are so many options that will help you to get found and network with others (e.g. LinkedIn,, ResearchGate and more). But where do you start? Do you know what option(s) will be … Continue reading

Social Media, Research Ethics and Your Research [Presentation]

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Presentation title: Social media, research ethics and your research Presentation summary: Social media platforms (like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) represent incredible potential for researchers to conduct research and recruit survey participants. However the old rules still apply, along with some new rules too. This presentation looks at current and emerging issues in conducting research on … Continue reading

Basics: Know thyself and know thine targets

No business has ever: discovered themselves (as in the finding themselves sense, not the ‘gosh darn someone has already bought the domain (aka web address / URL)  or staked a claim to the online real-estate I was hoping for’ or the ‘oh wow, someone has written something good/bad about me’ senses), or identified their core … Continue reading