Getting found using social media to build your research profile [Presentation]

Presentation title: Getting found using social media to build your research profile

Presentation summary: Have you thought about your online profile? There are so many options that will help you to get found and network with others (e.g. LinkedIn,, ResearchGate and more). But where do you start? Do you know what option(s) will be the right fit for you, your objectives and your research? This presentation will prime you to make informed decisions about building your profile on social/research networking sites.

Getting found using social media to build your research profile©Radu Razvan Gheorghe | Dreamstime Stock Photos

I was quite busy in 2013, I co-presented at 4 different, research and researcher focused events plus delivered a solo presentation at a Customer Service forum held by the Local Government Manager’s Australia Western Australia (LGMAWA) and Customer Service Benchmarking Australia (CBSA) and a solo presentation to the Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) of the university I work at.

While I can’t share all my presentations, there are some that are available for download online. These ones I have permission to upload to my personal slideshare, and can therefore share with you!

This is a co-presentation I delivered with ECU’s Senior Research Services Librarian during ECU’s Research Week 2013, looking at professional/business/research networking platforms where researchers can establish profiles and educating researchers about how to evaluate which platform(s) offers the most effective means to meet their requirements based on their objectives, the disciplines and industries they conduct research within and the type of people they want to connect with (e.g. researchers vs professionals working in industry).

This version is slightly re-ordered (to include the tips about communicating, e.g. tweeting or posting, on social media within the presentation rather than at the end post-presentation). You can download the original presentation from ECU’s Research Online repository:

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