Respect: Geoff Marslett

Before 8am today, I had no idea who Geoff Marslett was.

The only reason I know know who he is, is I was trying to find quotes from a movie I saw at the Revelation Film Festival program launch on Wednesday. The film is called Mars, its director is Geoff Marslett.

The film is awesome and I will post on it separately, but so far I have only found one of the two quotes I recall loving so much in the movie. I am tempted to see it again, only this time jot down all the comments I loved rather than paying attention to the beauty on screen.

In my hunt for footage or quotage, I did come across The Daily Texan’s awesome profile of him and the film. I went from zero knowledge to utter respect while watching this:

He started working on the film in 2007, finishing the project in 2010; all the while doing a full teaching load during semester and summer school periods. He comments that although it was a challenging load to juggle, his day job was complementary to his extra-curricular work.

According to the bios for him available online (1) and (2), those aren’t the only work and creative activities he juggles.

It’s inspiring that the different activities he has committed to are, or can be, mutually beneficial in a number of ways. He’s an independent filmaker and full-time animation teacher and is also keeping up his own creative output on a number of fronts.

His approach to these choices/commitments is really inspiring too, he recognises the commitment is his choice and is reflective of that. I transcribed a segment of the video above that I particularly liked:

…its that end result, you know, it’s knowing that every day, even if there are moments in the day I don’t really enjoy, I do generally like what I get to do in my life.

I feel like a very lucky person…alot of people don’t like what they are doing: they have to go to jobs, they are just counting the  minutes ’til they get to go home.

I’m just not counting the minutes because I am often tireder than I want to be and I’m often doing a little more than I wish I had to do during that given day,  but also what I am doing are things I like. So if  I ever start feeling frustrated I try to stop and reflect that for a minute “like, wow, I am a pretty lucky dude”

How awesome is that?

Let’s face it – all our commitments and choices are ones we are active in making. We don’t play passive roles in taking things on, no matter how much we try to pretend that or lose sight of it.

I love the fact the way he takes time to reflect that the commitments he has made are a personal and fulfilling choice and he stays grounded and connected to that choice. R.E.S.P.E.C.T!

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