Lookbook: Turning a 2D Historical Photo into 3D

I am currently loving the way people are using Adobe After Effects to turn 2d images into 3d images, a la:

It’s being used a bit in advertising where the designers are working with a static image or artwork and want do present something more than just a static image with no depth of field.

Application can be as artistic / commercial, difficult/simple as desired. It works really well with historical images, but can also be used on colour:

The example, below, is probably one of the most creative and sophisticated examples where the technique becomes a form of animation. The narrative is still simple, although the subject matter is complex, but how awesome and inspiring:

The first and second videos in this post have tips on how to achieve this and software used in their intro and comments.

While I will be attempting to convince my boss I need, need, need After Effects for the day-job, on the night-shift I am going to rescuscitate some of my 3d animation skillz and do some experimenting on what can be achieved with polygons, surfacing and camera angles within that scenario.

It will be fun to experiment on a lateral solve. I’ll keep you posted on how the experiment(s) turn out!


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