Inspire: Mars (2010)

You could sum this post up in 4 little words, with one piece of punctuation as: Just go see it!

I wasn’t a very good pilot, I wasn’t a very good engineer…but I’m a hero, natural born.

– Charlie Brownsville

Mars (2010) is a gorgeously wry and whimsical film by Geoff Marslett. The film is made of awesome, the director is awesome (I posted about being impressed by him earlier this week) and…just go see it!

It’s 90 minutes of rotoscoped drollness. Sweet without being saccharine, pithy without being acerbic, gentle without being docile…. just go see it!

And you know what? Don’t you dare download it – go to a cinema and pay to see it at the movies!

It is an indie film and this guy works a day-job and several other jobs on the side in order to be able to produce work like this. Plus he held down most of  several roles in his film crew to be able to make this, as did several others on his team. He was the director and the writer as well as being the producer, one of the editors, one of the animation team, one of the production designers. Big workload, but what an awesome result.

If you can’t get to see it or it doesn’t get released near you, start searching for it on Amazon like I am going to and buy it when it becomes available.

It’s worth owning a copy. There were so many amazing throw away quips in the script – I wanted to type them into status updates to remember and share them all (yes, I was so impressed I was prepared to be one of those “people” in the cinema, you know the ones who are constantly messaging on their mobile phone during the film). If I own a copy, I can transcribe them in my own time and at my own convenience, without disturbing anyone else.

…I just wanted to get away from the giant blue and green turd that you call earth. And this was as far as I could get with the current technology.

– Hank Morrison (aka – he who has the coolest hair) on why he wanted to go on a mission to Mars

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2 Responses to “Inspire: Mars (2010)”
  1. geoff says:

    hello, and thanks! i am really proud of the film, and though independent filmmaking is rarely a financially sane endeavor, reading reviews like this…and realizing someone enjoys and understands your work…really makes it worthwhile. so, i appreciate your time and effort to help us get the word out on mars. i wish i could be in australia for the shows! we will have info on buying the dvd and soundtrack very soon on the facebook page and the webpage.

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to comment, Geoff! It was no effort on my part – all I did was write to the beauty of your work. You did all the hard work in ensuring I had some pretty good source material to work with 😉

      I will be definitely buying the film and the soundtrack when released and, if you do put some quote tshirts up on threadless, they will be purchased and proudly displayed to everyone else who goes to my gym 😉
      I am even sending my Dad to see it when Revelation Film Festival opens in Perth (14-24 July 2011) as he’s a Kinky Freidman fan, so thought it would be fun on another level for him!

      kind regards

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