Tips on studying for the Google Adwords Advertising Fundamentals Exam

Adwords-Fundamentals-StudyI just sat my first Google Adwords Certification Exam (Advertising Fundamentals), so thought I would share my study method. I scored 97%, pretty pleased with that! You need 85% to pass this exam so it is quite demanding.


Having sat the exam, the tips I would share are:

  • Make sure you have all the materials you need printed out so you can reference if required. Some of the questions are a little tricky/ambiguous so it does help to go back to the source and double check before you answer
  • You will need to go beyond just the study notes: Some of the questions were on things that were mentioned in passing in the notes/elearnings. Use the Google Study Notes as the jumping off point for further study…
  • Drill yourself on answering questions – when I was drilling myself in the mock exam, I did it the first time in ~20 minutes iirc (got 84%), the second time in an hour and 11 minutes (got 92%), so I had a feeling for time and used that to my advantage in the real exam
  • When it came to the real exam, I finished the questions in the first hour, then used the second hour to double check the questions I had marked for review and then double check all the questions again (to be sure, to be sure) before I submitted my exam

Last of all: good luck!

5 Responses to “Tips on studying for the Google Adwords Advertising Fundamentals Exam”
  1. nhinquattran says:

    You can check my result here:

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  2. Keith Penn says:

    97% on a first Adwords Exam is awesome! I’ve been just as impressed with PPCHero , Wordstream, and other search blogs and not as much with iPassExam (although like you say it does help give a sense of timing) and Google’s own Learning Center (which could use some organization). Thanks for sharing that you printed notes on paper – I thought I was the only one!

  3. Eugene says:

    That score is pretty impressive! Great preparation tips also! For all you out there planning to take Adwords exam, you can take some AdWords Fundamentals practice tests for free at There’s also an exam simulation mode which allows you to simulate the real exam experience.

    Good luck in your future certification exams!

  4. John King says:

    Great point about taking the exams back to back. There’s certainly a lot of cross over between the fundamentals exam and the advanced ones! For further tips I wrote here on how to pass the fundamentals exam:

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