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Today I attended the WA Corruptional and Crime Commission’s Practicioner forum on social media: Social Media Strategy, Policy and Tools. I work in an Online Marketing Team for a large public education organisation and have a specific marketing focus, so it was nice to hear from other large public organisations who are grappling with the same or similar issues. It was also good to go beyond a specific marketing focus and look at the challenges (and opportunities) social media represents as a whole across all facets of organisations.

For public organisations, there are alot of compliance and reporting requirements, so it is not as easy to be immediately agile to take up opportunities and challenges but it is something that can be worked towards. For private organisations and small businesses, it is good to see the risks and issues identified by the public sector. I think the very fact that many of the organisations who were present today have so many ‘t’s to cross and ‘i’s to dot means they are at the forefront of identifying and addressing risks as they move to adopt social strategies and develop presences on social platforms  – in some cases, the same requirements apply no matter the size of your business.

Presenters were:

  • Mark McCrory – Manager Marketing and Communications, City of Joondalup
  • Di Jasas –  Managing Director, Price Consulting Group
  • Gerry McCusker – Founder of Engage ORM

I take my notes on twitter, so I have pasted my tweets below to collate thoughts.

I should warn you that these are not verbatim quotes – there is commentary and my own lateral thoughts based on what was being discussed as well as quotes. Unfortunately I didn’t differentiate between the two. If the slides become publicly available I will share them with you so you can see some of what I was reacting to and/or what I was noting down for my interest/future reference.

Mark McCrory presentation starts:

Di Jasas presentation starts:

Gerry McCusker presentation starts:

(Sp: Addictomatic)


(all this, barring the love it bit, was a paraphrase. It was awesome. I still love this)

(Clayton Utz summary of ASB rulings: Like this page: Businesses’ liability for unlawful third party content on social media)

(I would say 4 Ps: preparation, backed up by point after next)

This forum was the second in a series, the CCC have shared slides from the the first part: Social Media: friend or foe . Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware of the first forum so didn’t attend.


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